TWIDO, the GREEN option, responsible but not BOBO, that doesn’t like wasting EUROS!

Designed with materials that are separable, durable and recyclable, Twido is all about green innovations.

With 4 independent tanks placed close to your water source, it only heats what is necessary, reducing your energy costs from its first use.

With its ingenious system of stainless steel tanks heated from the outside, there’s no more lime scale or corrosion! Lasting comfort, guaranteed for 15 years*!

Ecological and economic, Twido is fantastic!

And because sustainable is associated with high technology, Twido is a connected water heater, allowing the user to manage their use responsibly.

*15-year warranty on the tanks

Choose an ecological water heater that actively avoids waste

Nowadays, the carbon footprint of houses is at the heart of the environmental concerns which are gradually becoming more common in France, and an eco-friendly house is something to which we all aspire.

By opting for the smart water heater Twido, you are choosing sustainable and reliable equipment, economic in its use of energy and water, and adjustable according to your consumption habits thanks to its multi-tank system, that contrasts with the waste of over-sized hot water tanks.

With remote monitoring via the MyTwido application, you have a simple and convenient tool to measure your savings and detect possible discrepancies. Efficient, stylish and eco-friendly, the Twido reinvents the use of hot water for modern living.

Reduce your water and energy expenses by up to 70% depending on usage

With its revolutionary multi-tank heating system, Twido is flexible and adapts precisely to your needs. Are you home alone this week? So as not to waste water or use more energy than necessary, you can “turn on just one tank” (or, alternatively: only heat 8 gallons at 6:00 a.m., 5 gallons at noon, and 8 gallons in the evening).

You’re expecting the world and his wife this weekend? Set your water heater so all 4 tanks are on constantly and it will produce enough hot water for all your guests.
If you couple this modularity with eco-responsible behavior and make all your equipment water-saving (water-saving shower heads, for example,) you can save up to 70% on your energy and water.

Login to set up your water heater to suit your needs

Twido is a new generation ecological water heater! Intelligent and connected, it makes you the master of your consumption, allowing you to program the amounts you need for your lifestyle, even from a distance.

In addition, are you going away for the weekend? You can turn off your water heater during your journey by using the MyTwido application on your smartphone. Are you on your way back from your trip and you feel like having a hot bath when you arrive? Restart your water heater while you’re in the cab so that your water is at the desired temperature when you get home.
MyTwido also has a dashboard that allows you to check your consumption so you can modify some parameters and change your habits if you want.

Twido® has deprogrammed obsolescence, so why don’t you?

Twido has a huge advantage: it doesn’t get lime scaled. Thanks to its design of a stainless steel tank surrounded by a heating panel in contact with stainless steel rather than water, there is no need to descale your water heater! It works permanently, without requiring maintenance: the tanks are guaranteed for 15 years!

With Twido, you’re opting for truly sustainable equipment, created with entirely separable materials, with adaptable and customizable designs.

And yes, if, for example, you change your bathroom decoration, you can have your water heater refinished to your taste, without changing the mechanism, which makes for flawless adaptability and reduced waste!