Twido, aesthetic but not overbearing!

When you are lucky enough to have a clean, modern design, you look after yourself!

With Twido, the stylish water heater, you can play with colors, graphics, volume and accessories. Bright with lights, it is even more elegant than you expected..

Twido is available in several fashionable designs. Mozaic, Wave, Bubbles, Essentiel, Elements or Modern – a variety of graphics and colors to suit your tastes and your needs.

Twido is charming but very discreet: the height of elegance!

Twido is both beautiful and economical – find out more about efficient Twido water heaters..

Twido: a stylish asset in your bathroom that suits every taste!

The French spend more time in the bathroom than any other Europeans, so the layout and livability of this essential room is very important to them. It’s just as much a real living space as the kitchen. However, our desire for stylish design is often thwarted by logistical constraints.

With Twido, the water heater isn’t one of them! Because Twido is beautiful! Where a normal, unsightly hot water tank detracts from the beauty of your space, Twido can be a key element in the design of your bathroom. Thanks to its models’ different colors and designs, it can help you to really stamp your style on your room.

The compact slim design of a stylish Twido water heater makes your room more elegant, and saves valuable m² in an urban home.

Essential, Modern and Design are elegant, compact lines

Is your interior decoration more restrained? The clean design and pastel colors of the Modern and Essential lines will be particularly suitable for your space. You can customize the appearance of your water heater by adding a color of your choice: slate, snow white or even cream for a gentle touch. Twido’s stylish simplicity multiplies the possibilities of optimizing the space in your bathroom by integrating different elements.

Would you like to add some light and color to your bathroom to brighten it up? The LEDs on the Design line let you play with light to add a modern touch to your bathroom!

Elements is a line of multifunctional furniture to fit any situation

But where is your water heater? It’s a mystery… Twido can also be discreet, hidden in top of the range furniture. The new Elements line of multi function furniture, combines design and functionality. A storage unit for your DVDs in the living room, a stylish shelf in the bathroom for storing your cosmetics, a Twido from the Elements line can find its place in lots of different areas of your home.

Again, thanks to a wide choice of finishes, you can dress up your stylish water heater with multiple color choices: snow white, natural, cream, oak – or you can add a mirror. Far from hiding your water heater away, you are going to put it on show!

Twido: much more than just a stylish water heater

Twido fits into even the smallest space. It’s not just a stylish water heater, Twido is your new dual function asset! It’s really innovative: depending on the model chosen, our water heaters have a technical base that can integrate a frame for a suspended WC.

In this way Twido allows you to fully optimize your space by coupling the functions of water heater and toilet. It can easily fit in the unused space above the toilet, which frees up as much as 1 m2 of space!

This added space means you can rethink your bathroom and add a storage unit, or just have more space to move around. Twido is an indispensable asset for small spaces!

If you would like more information about Twido connected water heaters, please contact us.