, the Twido water heater’s anti-waste Wi-Fi app!

Twido is all about technology, as well as green technology!

Connected to your smartphone or computer via, Twido will obey your every command.

You can program it from a distance to heat the exact volume of hot water you need. Control and manage your consumption from our mobile application and then adjust it according to the needs of your family in real time. With its onboard computer, you can even monitor your consumption and measure your water and energy savings. What’s more, with Twido® eco-responsible doesn’t mean uncomfortable!

With it, nothing is wasted, everything is calculated. It’s the master of made to measure living and the end of big bills!

Space is limited in our houses, so a second advantage of Twido is that it’s a compact water heater..

Check your consumption and master your expenses

Water is a precious and limited resource. Nowadays it is more important than ever to consume intelligently, trying to reduce waste as much as possible. This is why Twido, the pioneer in intelligent connected water heaters, is committed to an environmentally responsible approach by reinventing our relationship with hot water. Twido is decidedly modern: its advanced integrated computer enables you to optimize your hot water consumption to the quart, to achieve energy savings of between 30 and 70%, depending on your spending habits, without ever missing out on comfort.

Compatible with home automation, your Twido water heater is able to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and offer you access to data about your usage via the usual devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.) so you can better understand and interpret your spending.

The detailed dashboard of your connected Twido gives you precise knowledge of your usage and thus makes you master of your consumption: you can directly measure the water and energy savings made!

Optimize the heating of your hot water according to your needs

With Twido you can use different parameters to optimize production of hot water according to your real needs and your daily habits. Are you a shower rather than a bathtub kind of person? Reduce the amount of water you heat and only heat what you need! You’re the opposite and like to take your time and relax in the tub? Nothing could be more simple: set your machine to switch on 3 or 4 of the tanks of your connected Twido water heater to produce more hot water.

Program your connected water heater remotely with MyTwido

Because we believe that technology is a real ally when it comes to comfort, the Twido connected water heater can also be remotely controlled to keep up with any situation. You have a couple of friends arriving unexpectedly for the weekend? No problem! Using the MyTwido application you can remotely program your Twido so it heats the optimum amount of water for all your guests, and the heating time is very quick. We guarantee you’ll always have hot water available, even when the use is unexpected, thanks to the booster function.

Are you going away for the weekend? You can turn your water heater off and then turn it back on in the train or in the car just before you get back. A revolution that allows you to reduce your expenses while ensuring optimum comfort.

Equip yourself with a smart water heater

Twido’s connected interface and dashboard allows you to monitor its operation. Twido’s central system can detect any anomalies and provides a warning e-mail if too much is being consumed or there is production failure.

Twido is also truly modern because it is already compatible with the intelligent networks of “Smart Grid” technology. Your connected water heater is also able to detect the pulses in the energy network you use (such as, for example, those that indicate the change to special charging hours). So, depending on your contract, this allows you to turn on Twido during the cheapest hours.

If you would like more information about Twido connected water heaters, please contact us.