Twido, makes your home more spacious!

Goodbye old unsightly and bulky hot water tanks, let’s innovate!

With its slim and slender silhouette, the flat, compact Twido water heater slips into any corner, freeing up 1 square yard of living space for you.

A 2-in-1 device with wall-hung toilet or towel warmer, it meets all your needs with the ultimate in space saving.

It’s an ingenious addition to a bathroom that needs more space!

Twido is a flat, compact and stylishly designed water heater..

Flat, it fades into the background in any bathroom

Who hasn’t wanted to hide their unsightly hot water tank in a closet? It’s also often the case in homes that have storage spaces, that there are water consumption-related inconsistencies and energy and heat loss due to the length of the pipes that separate the water heater from its outlet points.

Twido, the flat water heater, is truly innovative both in the way it works and in its appearance. Twido is the antithesis of a conventional water heater, and has been redesigned to minimize its footprint and be forgettable. Its multi-tank system means it takes up little space, and it stands out from the usual because of its flat design which makes it particularly discreet.

Compact, it saves you up to 1 square yard of usable space

By freeing up the space that would normally be occupied by the hot water tank in a closet, for example, Twido saves you up to 1 square yard of usable space, particularly if you choose the 2-in-1 version including a suspended toilet or bathroom vanity. A boon for small areas! This additional space in your home can add to its value!

You could use the space saving to redesign the room to your taste: a new location for a shower or bathtub, wall shelf, new closet, everything is possible … It’s especially useful if you live in a city where the cost per square yard can be a few thousand euros. For an owner, it means that the increase in property value you get from installing a Twido can make it profitable from day one!

Dual function, it includes a special WC frame

Even better, Twido revolutionizes the functionality of a conventional water heater by incorporating a toilet support frame into some of its models, so you can combine the production of hot water and the toilet area. A true 2-in-1 solution, your ultra-compact, double-function Twido water heater means you can fully optimize use of space in your bathroom.

For example, while a space less than 6 feet high is not considered habitable, which in the case of a traditional heater results in the loss of about 1 square yard, Twido gives you back this space by stylishly integrating a suspended toilet into a space that isn’t being used, except perhaps by a dust collecting side table – a great way of combining style and functionality!

A new line of multifunctional furniture

With this in mind, Twido has launched a new collection of multi-functional furniture integrating its flat water heater which can adapt to any interior, even the smallest. These fully customizable furnishings are designed to fit into your washrooms and some models may even look good in your living room!

The new generation of Twido is more than a water heater, with its multi-functional furniture, designer closets, and clever storage, it’s a new possibility for your interiors. Twido can also be included in mirrors or towel warmers, to suit your needs and your desires. Go ahead, choose Twido!